Sue was a complete life saver and took our dog Belle on for 5 weeks whilst we had to work away. She did an incredible job and we felt so comfortable leaving her there knowing she was getting the best care. We received frequent photo and video updates of her adventures and Sue even sent us a framed photo of Belle at the end.

Absolutely recommend Semley dogs to anyone :-) 


“Sue is a true dog lover and the service she provides is thoroughly professional"

My Labradors Pippa and Hellie stayed overnight with Sue. They had a fabulous time, walking and swimming. Sue is very knowledgeable and experienced around dogs. They came back to me well exercised and happy.

Sue took great care of them, communication was good with plenty of photos of the fun they were having!

I would definitely recommend as Sue gave me peace of mind with her good care. Thanks Sue

Thank you for looking after CJ so well. She came back chilled out, relaxed and I think would have left with you again given half the chance. It is always a worry having a dog who is that bit older, and on some medication, that she is cared for appropriately and kept in good health.

I’m reassured to have you as a home-from-home option for her should we need it.
Thanks you again, Sally. PS CJ says Hi too xx


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