Semley Dogs is licensed by Havant Borough Council and adheres to the new Animal Activities Legislation (2018). Below are our terms and conditions, and typical information that is required to be kept under the new legislation. Here at Semley Dogs we are working hard to get the highest star rating at our next inspection.


Terms and conditions.


A meeting will be set up with all potential clients to discuss the service to be provided and the requirements for each individual dog/pet. (There may be last minute arrangements where this is not possible)


This meeting will typically but not always include a walk with the client’s dog and my own, followed by a house visit.


Trial days, walks, or trial overnight stays will be offered to support a dog to settle, these are paid for as standard boarding.


If after a trial day/night the client’s dog is not suitably settled, they may be refused boarding or day care.

We reserve the right not to accept aggressive or overly boisterous dogs.

Copies of my Public Liability Insurance will be available for your viewing at the initial meeting.

Any special dietary requirements, health considerations or behavioural issues must be discussed on the first consultation.  If issues occur after the service begins then the owner must notify Semley Dogs of the change of circumstances as soon as possible.  The health of the pet is our paramount concern.

Exercise plans will be agreed with the client at the initial consultation, and Semley Dogs will do their best to deliver exercise and enrichment plans according to a dog’s age, energy levels and needs.

Dogs will only be let off the lead with written permission of the owner.  Also if we think it is safe to do so.

If you have any cause for concern or reason for complaint this will be raised with Sue Payne in the first instance, so a mutually acceptable outcome can be reached.

If your dog/pet incurs an injury or illness whilst in our care we will take them to their own vet. If it is an emergency we will take them to the nearest vet. 

The veterinary costs will be paid for by the owner of the pet, no matter how they are incurred.

We will make every effort to provide high standards of care but we cannot be held liable for loss,injury or death.

Semley Dogs is registered with Animed Veterinary Hospital (Wickham) and Animed Veterinary Practice (Cowplain) who have agreed to offer advice and to care for dogs who use Semley Dogs services if necessary. 


Typical Information to be recorded.

Dog’s Details: Name, age and description:

Identification e.g. Microchip no. and company of registration/tattoo:

Date of last season for a bitch:

Date of arrival/departure:

Owner’s Details: Name, address, email address, contact number:

Contact number while owner away:


Details/dates of vaccinations: (photo copy can be attached)

Health, welfare and nutritional requirements including medication if required:

At night my dog sleeps:

I give permission for my dog to be walked off lead/my dog must be walked on a lead.

I am aware there is another dog boarding from a different house hold:       

I have discussed my dog’s exercise routine i.e. long walks, short regular walks, enhancement through games, scent work etc. 

Our boarding and daycare forms may be updated.